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Neighbourhood areas in Bracknell Forest

Six areas in Bracknell Forest have now been designated by the council. Further information is available on the relevant neighbourhood area pages:

  • Binfield Parish - on 20 April 2016 Bracknell Forest Council brought the Binfield Neighbourhood Plan into legal force
  • Bracknell Town - (applied for by Bracknell Town Council) designated 11 February 2014
  • Crowthorne Parish - (applied for by Crowthorne Parish Council) designated 15 June 2016
  • Sandhurst Town - (applied for by Sandhurst Town Council) designated 20 February 2016
  • Warfield - (applied for by Warfield Parish Council) designated 23 July 2014
  • Winkfield Parish - (applied for by Winkfield Parish Council) designated 24 December 2015

A summary map showing designated neighbourhood areas in Bracknell Forest:

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