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Bracknell Forest's business partnership elects new chair

Assistant Chief Executive for the council Victor Nicholls left; Former Chair of ESDP David Cook right

Last week saw the change of Chair of the Bracknell Forest Economic Skills & Development Partnership (ESDP).

David Cook, previously Director of Strategy & Marketing at 3M, stepped down after nearly 6 years in post and handed over to Bob Collis, former Director of Infrastructure at the, Crowthorne based, Transport Research Laboratory.

In a fitting tribute to all that David and the ESDP has achieved, Bracknell Forest Council's Assistant Chief Executive , Victor Nicholls, drew attention to the ESDP's effective lobbying on behalf of the business community which has aided economic development in Bracknell Forest - a good example being the improvement in rail links between Bracknell and Waterloo. David leaves the ESDP in a strong position, with a growing membership and an active programme of work in support of Bracknell Forest’s business community.

The ESDP's purpose is to facilitate and promote the continued economic development of Bracknell Forest and one major area that the ESDP is throwing its weight behind is the promotion of apprenticeships - for the benefit of Bracknell Forest businesses and local people.

Apprenticeships are a great way for people of all ages to learn and earn on the job. And now that Degree Apprenticeships are being introduced it is an alternative way for bright young school leavers, who might traditionally have gone to university, to be recruited straight into a business.

Cllr Marc Brunel-Walker, the council’s executive member for regeneration and economic development, said:

David has been instrumental in the success of the ESDP in Bracknell Forest. Under his chairmanship, the partnership has gone from strength to strength.

David Cook said:

Degree Apprenticeships allow young people to earn a good salary while learning their profession and they avoid the large student loan debt that their undergraduate peers will inevitably face at the end of their university course as they commence their search for a job.

More information about apprenticeships can be found at the government's 'Get in Go Far' Apprenticeship website.

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