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South East Water work in Bracknell

South East Water is due to carry out some maintenance on the Bracknell water network from today (Monday 20 November). The work is due to last around a week.

South East Water has provided the following information:

The process is called flushing and involves directing water through the pipes quickly to draw sediment deposits – such as iron or manganese – out of the network. While these naturally-occurring deposits are not harmful, customers may see discoloured water temporarily. This can be solved by running the main tap – usually the kitchen tap – until the water runs clear.

Some customers may also notice a reduction in water pressure and again, this is temporary.

The reason for carrying out this routine work is to help maintain the quality of the drinking water supply.

The flushing starts from South East Water's storage sites known as service reservoirs. The sediments are drawn through the pipes to a hydrant discharge point where it is then directed into drains. South East Water is careful to only use the amount of water needed to clean the pipes and flushing stops as soon as the whole system is running clear.