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Public health funerals

Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium

We are aware that an old online news story is being re-circulated on the community group, We Love Bracknell, regarding public health funerals.

We'd like to reassure our residents that Bracknell Forest Council has absolutely no desire to deny anyone, with a reasonable right, the opportunity to say farewell to a loved one.

We made it very clear at the time of publication several months ago that all our cremations and burials are treated with the utmost respect and dignity regardless of how they are paid for.

Following public feedback, we also amended words on our website to make it even clearer what the council's policy is on public health funerals.

We made a public pledge to investigate any indication that any funeral was not carried out with care and dignity but so far we have received no information from any source, including the journalist who ran the original 'story', despite requesting the alleged evidence several times. We are still committed to investigating any claim of wrong doing and would therefore urge anyone with a complaint to come to us directly so we can look in to it further.

More information can be found on the public health funerals FAQs page.