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Recycle your takeaway and win it back again!

Cllr Dorothy Hayes MBE; Kate Cole Alupro, chef at Sultan Balti House

re3 has launched a new aluminium foil recycling promotion just in time for Christmas. The campaign aims to remind residents that clean aluminium foil trays can now be recycled along with other metal packaging such as clean food and drink cans, tins and empty aerosols.

A huge amount of foil is used over the Christmas period from mince pie cases, turkey roasting trays to wrapping chocolate foil and the lids found on dairy products. People will also be enjoying tasty takeaways which are often served in foil trays, which can also be recycled.

With this in mind, re3 have teamed up with some local take-away outlets who will be adding the recycling message to the lids of their takeaway meals.

Once the meal has been eaten residents of Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham Boroughs have the chance to win a whole new meal simply by taking a photo of their clean foil trays being added to their recycling bin or box using the hashtag #re3takeaway and posting it to one of re3’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@re3recycling). Lucky winners will receive vouchers towards a takeaway of their choice. Promotion is open to all re3 residents, no purchase is required and foil trays do not need to have the promotional lids to qualify.

Please make sure that the foil is free from any food residue. The quickest way to do this is to give the foil a quick wipe or a rinse in your washing up bowl (once you’ve done the dishes!) and let it dry before you pop it into your recycling container.

For smaller pieces of foil generally found in dairy lidding or chocolate foil please scrunch these together to make a larger ball of foil (i.e. about the size of a tennis ball), as this will keep the foil together and makes it easier to recycle.

Cllr Mrs Dorothy Hayes MBE, Bracknell Forest Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Chairman of the Joint Waste Disposal Board, Cllr Sophia James, Reading Borough Council’s Lead Councillor for Neighbourhoods & Communities and Cllr Norman Jorgensen, Wokingham Borough Council’s Executive Member for Environment, commented:

“We are thrilled to be able to offer the aluminium foil recycling service at the kerbside and it’s important to promote it to residents of Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham Boroughs. An average household can expect to use 182 foil trays and 144 metres of household wrapping foil each year and when you consider that we have 179,000 households across the area, you begin to realise just how much foil is out there available for recycling.

Aluminium foil is endlessly recyclable and recycling it saves up to 95% less energy than is required in mining and refining bauxite. Recycling aluminium also preserves natural resources, saves water and reduces carbon emissions. Your takeaway foil container, if recycled, could become shiny aluminium products such as airplane parts, building facades, or a new bicycle within weeks of you putting it in your recycling bin or box. ”

For more information about waste and recycling or the promotion visit the re3 website. Anyone who is in doubt about what can be recycled, is invited to use the free re3 app – re3cyclopedia, which is available from App Store or Google Play Store.