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Tips on keeping your home safe this summer

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It looks as though warmer weather might finally be with us at last. All those windows and doors flung open can bring increased opportunities for burglars. Thames Valley Police seem to think so and they have published a very useful guide to protect your home on their web site. It can be accessed on the Thames Valley Police website.

The chance of having your home burgled in Bracknell Forest has risen a little in recent years although the numbers remain very low. Last year (2018/19) there were 211 homes burgled in the borough out of a total of almost 50,000 but Bracknell Forest still has one of the lowest rates in the country.

Nevertheless, being a victim of burglary can be devastating so it would be wise to have a look through the guide and see if there is anything you can do to make your property less attractive to a burglar.

Bicycle theft

With the popularity of cycling increasing and the cost of some bicycles soaring to an eye watering several thousand pounds in some cases, it makes sense to take care to keep them secure.

Last year 155 bicycles were stolen in Bracknell Forest. There have been 7 bicycles stolen so far this month and all but one of them was locked with a chain in a cycle rack. Its worthwhile spending an extra few bob to get a good quality lock for a bike (the ‘D-lock’ is supposed to be the best) and try to leave it in a place with good footfall and ideally CCTV.

The marking of bicycles can help to get them back, but the best advice is to be very careful where you leave them and of course, always lock them.