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Ascot Heath Primary School reveals its new logo!

Ascot Heath primary school - new logo

Ascot Heath Primary School has revealed its exciting new logo.

Primary school pupils

This comes after a competition, where the pupils of the two merger schools, Ascot Heath Junior School and Ascot Heath Infant School, were asked to come up with their own ideas for a new school logo. There were over 150 entries displaying amazing talent and impressive designs.

It was tough competition, but the final decision was made, and the winners were sisters, Sian and Neve Bell in years 4 and 3. The new logo, based on their joint design, features a Horse leaping over an open book.

Sian and Neve Bell said:

‘We were really happy and excited to win. We chose the book to show education and the horse was because everyone knows Ascot for horseracing. It’s quite cool to think that everyone will be wearing something that we designed.’

Nicola Reeves , Chair of Governors Ascot Heath Infants, and John Leitch, Chair of Governors Ascot Heath CE Juniors, said in a joint statement:

“We were drawn to this design for a number of reasons. We felt the horse provided a clear visual link to the heritage of Ascot and the book to learning and education. But we particularly loved the sense that the horse is leaping out of the open book and over the turning page. For us this seemed to represent the children’s imagination, creativity and inspiration leaping out of their books and overcoming the challenges and hurdles they may experience. We felt this fitted so well with our schools’ ambition to see each and every one of our pupil’s succeed. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Cllr Gareth Barnard, Executive Member for Children, Young People & Learning, said:

“We are delighted with the new logo, this is a really positive step in the amalgamation of our two Bracknell Forest schools. The creativity apparent in the new logo links the heritage of the area with a great future for learning at Ascot Heath Primary School.”