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Put a spin on your plastic recycling habits with the recycling wheel

Image of the re3 recycling wheel

re3 have made it even easier for residents to recycle plastic by with their plastic A to Z recycling wheels.

The wheels are an easy-to-use reminder for residents when sorting their plastic waste, by showing whether items are suitable for the kerbside recycling bin, supermarket recycling stations or at one of the recycling centres.

Residents can collect a limited supply of the recycling wheels from our Time Square office on Market Street, or one of the borough's 9 libraries. They will also be delivered to selected households as part of the campaign.

How does the plastic recycling wheel work?

The wheels work by:

  • the outer wheel has the item to be recycled
  • spin the inner wheel until the arrow points to the item
  • the cut-out window on the inner wheel will reveal a colour
  • this colour corresponds to a key which tells you where to dispose of the item

Since 2018, re3 residents have been able to recycle a wider range of plastic items such as plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays and according to recent data, 60% more plastic was recycled in 2019 than in the previous year.

Residents can also access the re3cyclopedia smartphone app, available on iPhones and android, which includes a waste item search function. More information on plastic recycling including a plastic guide can be found on the re3 website.