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Food waste collections proposed for Bracknell Forest houses

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A dedicated weekly food waste collection service could be launched this autumn to reduce the borough’s impact on climate change, cutting the waste we send to landfill by around 50%.

Executive councillors have been asked to approve proposals to implement a weekly food waste collection from October 2020, in response to climate change, as part of their meeting next week on Tuesday 28 January.

The Executive has been asked to approve:

  • introducing a weekly food waste collection service to all houses in Bracknell Forest from Monday 5 October 2020
  • encouraging all residents to reduce, reuse and recycle everything possible to cut the amount of waste going to landfill
  • maximising performance of the food waste collection service by changing refuse collection frequency to once every 3 weeks

If agreed, a weekly food waste collection for every house in the borough would cut the amount of rubbish going to environmentally costly landfill sites by around 4,000 tonnes a year.

This waste would then be turned into renewable energy or recycled into fertilizer.

Bracknell Forest Council residents already recycle 40% of all their waste, but with food waste collection that could go up to a target of 50% by the end of 2020 and 65% by 2030.

Recent waste surveys have shown that:

  • food waste accounts for 42% of waste in green bins
  • around 19% of waste that goes in residents’ green bins could be recycled, either in the blue bin or via one of our many recycling banks

Putting rubbish into landfill not only wastes money, it also contributes to air pollution and to the long-term effects of climate change. We currently landfill 7,800 tonnes a year. Through adding a dedicated food waste recycling collection the aim would be to reduce that by just over 50%.

Cllr Mrs Dorothy Hayes, MBE, Executive Member for Environment, said:

“If approved next week, a new weekly food waste collection would start in October 2020 for all houses in Bracknell Forest.

“This would help us all tackle the growing issue of climate change – being part of the solution. By recycling food waste we could increase recycling rates by around 10% in the next year and create renewable energy at the same time. It’s an environmental win-win.

“Additionally, recycling more would help reduce the financial cost of throwing waste in landfill, which could cost taxpayers millions of pounds over the next few years. This money could then be ploughed into other essential services including supporting our most vulnerable residents.”

For more information, visit our food waste collections page