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The council Leader's update

Time Square council office building

Cllr Paul Bettison, OBE, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, said:

As we continue towards recovery, it is clear that there are still many challenges ahead. The last 10 weeks have inevitably caused strain and pressures and so this week, I’d like to update you on some of the support we have been putting in place for families.

We understand that this continues to be a difficult time for parents and carers, therefore teams from across the council including public health, early help and social care have been bringing together their resources to help. A dedicated webpage has been created covering topics for parents such as child health, safe sleeping and coping with crying babies. We have been joining up messages across our services into concise updates relating to coronavirus

As well as this, within the council, we have also continued to work closely with independent partners such as the Safeguarding Board. This partnership working has remained effective through embracing new technology for collaboration and communication. Internally, our safeguarding team has also adapted their way of working to make sure a reliable safeguarding and support service remains in place. Now more than ever, as many of us are at home, we need each and every resident to act as our ‘eyes and ears’ when it comes to spotting welfare risks. Our teams can help if you are concerned.

In May, it was Foster Care Fortnight and despite the current environment, it was important we celebrated and recognised the valuable work of our foster carers. Their commitment makes it possible to keep our young people in the local area. I would also like to thank the team who arrange and support these placements and have continued to meet the demand throughout the pandemic. The team have embraced the new ways of working, supporting young people and families to keep in touch via video calls. They have also gone above and beyond in assessing several council staff members to be temporary foster carers should an emergency arise and a local foster carer not be available.

As we continue to support individuals and families across the borough, I do hope that you continue to stay safe and well.