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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Visit our coronavirus pages for the latest updates and to get support for vulnerable residents.

Our COVID-19 outbreak control plan


A summary of our COVID-19 outbreak control plan is now available.

The summary pulls out the key components of how the council, along with its local and regional partners, will work with residents and communities to respond to localised outbreaks of COVID-19, should they occur.

The plan is designed to support the government's easing of restrictions and the national rollout of the Test and Trace system.

Residents can find a summary version of the COVID-19 outbreak control plan covering:

  • managing local risks
  • actions that could be taken
  • responding to a Bracknell Forest outbreak
  • communicating with residents

Cllr Dale Birch, Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing, said:

“The outbreak control plan sets out how the council and its partners will work with our residents and local communities to quickly control and reduce the risk of the virus spreading within the community.

"It has been developed in response to the Department of Health and Social Care's request.

“This plan is just one of many we have under development to keep our residents as safe as possible, both now and in the future.

“I'd like to thank all Bracknell Forest residents for their commitment to adhering to the government restrictions so far. Should we have to activate the outbreak control plan for any localised outbreak in the future, I’d like to ask that all residents engage as positively with the measures then as they have the past 3 months.”