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Over 3 tonnes collected at recycling day

Recycling bins full of electrical items

Over 3 tonnes of electrical items and clothing were collected at this year’s recycling day, held at Bracknell Leisure Centre on Saturday, 19 September. Thanks to Bracknell Forest residents, these items will now be recycled into new materials.

As part of the council’s efforts to increase recycling rates, every year our waste and recycling team host 2 recycling days to encourage people to get rid of unwanted clothes or electricals and promote good recycling behaviours. People with an e+ card are rewarded for their efforts by receiving 500 recycling points that can be redeemed for discounted services across the borough, or donated to a local charity.

Thanks to residents, more than double the average amount of waste was collected this year compared to last year. All the items will either be recycled for reuse, or sold, second hand, by charities. The electricals are stripped down so the appliance components can be used in circuit boards and electric motors. Scrap metal is then extracted and melted down to form new metal-based components. When recycled, 1 iron contains enough steel to produce 13 steel cans.

Cllr Mrs Dorothy Hayes, MBE, Executive Member for Environment, said:

“The recycling rate in Bracknell Forest has plateaued in recent years to around 40% in total. As part of our response to climate change, we are committed to improving our recycling rates to at least 50% in the coming year.

“Every action counts, no matter how small and these recycling days are a brilliant way to not only have a good clear out at home, but also to make sure your waste is being disposed of responsibly and recycled where possible.

“Our new food waste recycling scheme and changes to the waste service will also play a huge part in changing recycling behaviours across the borough. We are very much looking forward to March 2021 when we can launch the new service and preparations are well underway.”

Find out more about our food waste recycling scheme.  For information about changes to waste collections visit our green general waste bin page