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Improving services for those leaving care

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Recommendations aimed at improving services for care leavers in the borough, were supported at the meeting of the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Commission last night. (Tuesday, 13 October).

Cllr Mrs Birch chaired the review which focussed on the experience of care leavers. It looked at the support services care leavers use and specialist accommodation in the borough. She said:

“We spoke to care leavers who were candid with us about what they felt worked and didn’t work. There was much care leavers liked, such as keeping the term ‘care leaver’. They feel this term helps them get what they need from organisations. We have also captured the improvements that care leavers thought could make their lives better.”

The Overview & Scrutiny Commission is making recommendations to the Executive in November. These include:

  • reviewing a range of policies, including the Housing Allocation Policy, to consider giving priority to care leavers where the council has a corporate parenting role
  • extending the time that a care leaver can return to their foster family after moving out to live independently
  • reviewing the life skills and money management information provided

Overview and Scrutiny carries out reviews into the work of the council and its partners to check services are living up to expectations. The next two reviews will look at apprenticeships and registered social landlords. If you have a question or would like to be involved, please contact: