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A makeover for Savernake Park

Savernake park

A project to improve Savernake Park in Crown Wood for both residents and wildlife, got underway last week.

The work started with Bracknell Conservation Volunteers clearing vegetation, coppicing trees and creating hazel hurdles.
Person creating hazel hurdle at Savernake park
The second day saw parks and countryside rangers remove non-native plants, dig new heathland planting beds and install sweet chestnut edging around them.
People digging to create planting areas at Savernake park
More improvements are planned to the surrounding banks later this month. 
Clearing branches at Savernake park

The final phase of the £92,000 project, which is being funded by Bracknell Forest Council, will involve contractors cleaning out the full silt traps. This will improve the pond’s water quality and help to increase its capacity to store water during periods of heavy rainfall.

Cllr John Harrison, Executive Member for Culture, Delivery and Public Protection said:

“Thank you to our hard-working teams of staff and volunteers who have made an excellent start with delivering these improvements.

“The work we’re carrying out to the surrounding banks will benefit residents and improve local biodiversity. Cleaning out the silt traps is essential if we’re to protect wildlife and reduce flooding.

“After decades of filtering the water, the silt traps have reached the point that emptying needs to be a priority for the council. An investment now should help to limit future issues with water quality and flooding, therefore reducing our long-term costs.

“This project will massively improve the quality of the environment at Savernake Park, which we know is a very important issue for our residents.”

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