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Youth Council join the fight against Coronavirus

Youth council members with face coverings

Last weekend saw Bracknell Forest Youth Council take to the town centre to help encourage residents to wear their face covering and stick to Government guidelines around social distancing.

Free packs were given out to passers-by at Bracknell train station as part of the council’s plans to help raise awareness and reduce the spread of coronavirus. The packs included:

  • a reusable cloth face covering
  • antibacterial hand gel
  • a leaflet with current COVID-19 restrictions

As well as the free packs, the youth council were sparking conversation with local people around coronavirus and how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe during the pandemic.

George, a member of the Bracknell Forest Youth Council, said:

“It was great to get out in the community and spread the word about keeping safe. By giving out free face coverings and antibacterial gel we are giving people the tools they need to protect themselves and their families.”

Joining the youth council at the weekend was Cllr Marc Brunel-Walker, Chair of the Local Outbreak Control Board. He said:

“It’s paramount that we all do our bit for the borough and help reduce the spread of coronavirus and protect the ones we love. The more we can encourage people to wear a face covering and practise good hand hygiene, the better protected our community will be.

“I’d like to thank the youth council for the work they’ve done engaging with residents, especially younger people, to encourage them to follow the rules and do it for their loved ones.

“And thank you to those who continue to follow the current guidance. We are all in this together, so keep going and do it to protect your family and friends.”

The free packs made by Bracknell Forest Council will also be distributed to young people in the borough through youth workers and to those leaving the care system.