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Dr Ani's message about soaring COVID-19 cases

Dr Ani

Dr Aniruddh Shenoy who is working with our shared public health team has asked people if they could:

“Imagine having to make that phone call, the one to tell relatives that there is no hope, the end is near.”

Dr Ani’s message comes amid soaring cases of COVID-19 in Bracknell Forest, Berkshire and the wider South East region.

Dr Ani, who is on a four-month placement with the Berkshire public health team, which BFC hosts, is also reminding people that COVID doesn’t just impact older or more vulnerable people – it can also have devastating consequences for younger people.

We are at a tipping point in the pandemic and the stakes have never been higher in our bid to keep people safe and keep our health services stay up and running effectively.

People may be fed up with restrictions and be tempted to bend the rules but this potentially deadly because there is no doubt that for some people, this disease is very serious indeed.

To protect yourself, your loved ones and our community please remember hands, face, space and stick to the tier 4 rules (or rules for where you live if you do not live locally).