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Creating a united Warfield CE Primary School

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Parents at Warfield CE Primary School are being asked for their comments and questions on the amalgamation of the school’s 2 sites. This will provide a more cohesive school community in a state-of-the-art building.

The school’s leadership team, governors and the council have collectively reviewed the school’s current situation. Presently it operates across 2 sites (Woodhurst and All Saints) which are more than a mile apart. They have concluded that moving to a single site would be of significant educational and financial benefit.

At present the school has:

  • empty classrooms at Woodhurst, which is a state-of-the-art building that opened just 5 years ago- this site is currently operating at half capacity
  • an aging building at All Saints, which was built almost 30 years ago and relies on some modular buildings
  • an increasingly tight budget due to running 2 sites.
  • specialist staff having to split their time across 2 sites
  • space for all children at All Saints to be accommodated at Woodhurst

Uniting the school on a single site would mean that budget pressures would be reduced, and all children could learn in a more suitable environment that promotes all school cohesion and unity.

It would also mean that specialist teachers wouldn’t have to split their time across 2 sites and equipment, like ICT equipment, would be pooled so that children have greater access to it.

Parents and carers will be able to ask questions and put forward their comments from 6 January until 3 February 2021 before the full proposal is decided by the council on 24 February 2021.

Timescales for the move to Woodhurst will be determined after the decision date, and if the move goes ahead, would be likely to be implemented before 31 March 2022.

Cllr Paul Bettison OBE, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, said:

“Warfield CE Primary currently has space for 3 classes each year across 2 sites but, in reality, it is operating just 2 full classes across 2 sites. This doesn’t make financial or educational sense, so the plan is to move all pupils to the larger, more modern Woodhurst.

“This will provide a better learning environment for all pupils, provide greater access to equipment and specialist teachers and reduce the pressure on the school’s budget. It will also create a unified school under one roof.

“We know that some parents may have questions about this, which is why the school is hosting a virtual meeting for parents and carers who want more information or reassurance about the plans.”

For more information and to read the full consultation documents, visit our consultation portal.