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Update on Bracknell Forest primary schools

school child with face mask

Updated on Monday 4 January at 8:45pm

As per the Government’s announcement this evening, all Bracknell Forest schools will be closed for face-to-face learning from tomorrow (Tuesday). Online learning will be made available to pupils.

The only exception will be for students who are deemed vulnerable (children with a social worker or EHCP) or those whose parents/ carers are critical workers. Schools will make on site provision for those pupils and will be in direct contact with families regarding arrangements.

The indication from the Government is that this will be in place until February half term.

Updated on Monday 4 January at 5pm

Bracknell Forest Council is following the government advice and direction to reopen primary schools this week.

However, we are aware that unions are encouraging staff not to attend school and that the government’s advice has changed in relation to primary school opening in some areas. With the high case rates locally, concerns over the safety of both children and staff means that schools will be making difficult decisions on how they can best operate in very challenging circumstances, although Bracknell Forest is not one of the areas where the government is advising closure.

As a council we strongly support our headteachers in any decisions they feel they need to make to protect the operational viability of their school.

Where normal full opening is not possible, our schools will prioritise face-to-face provision on site for those children deemed vulnerable (have a social worker or EHCP) and those whose parents or carers are critical workers.

Currently the primary schools that will only be offering this provision are:

  • Binfield
  • Birch Hill
  • College Town
  • Cranbourne 
  • Fox Hill
  • Great Hollands
  • Harmans Water
  • Holly Spring
  • Kennel Lane
  • Sandy Lane
  • St Margaret Clitherow 
  • St Michael's Easthampstead 
  • Warfield (both All Saints and Woodhurst)
  • Wildridings
  • Wildmoor Heath 
  • Winkfield St Marys

All these schools will be offering online learning. Parents and carers with children deemed vulnerable (those with a social worker or EHCP) are strongly urged to send their child to school (this does not include clinically extremely vulnerable children). 

Schools that are due to be open for face-to-face learning are: 

  • Ascot Heath 
  • Crown Wood 
  • Crowthorne 
  • Jennett's Park 
  • King's Academy 
  • Meadowvale 
  • New Scotland Hill 
  • Owlsmoor 
  • St Michael's, Sandhurst 
  • St Joseph's
  • The Pines (Key Stage 2 only)
  • Uplands 
  • Whitegrove 
  • Wooden Hill  

Parents and carers with children at these schools are advised to follow instructions from the school directly. They should also continue to look at the school's website and look our for school emails in case of any changes. 

Cllr Paul Bettison OBE, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, said:

“Our schools have worked tirelessly to find the best solution for our children; no one knows their children, their families and their staff better than our headteachers and they have our full support. Bracknell Forest Council does not have the power to close a school. Only the schools themselves or the Government can order the closure of a school or schools.

“We understand this is difficult, however we do ask any parent with concerns to contact their child’s school to discuss the safety measures in place before keeping their child at home.”

Current COVID-19 rates in Bracknell are 780.01 per 100,000 of the population. There were 138 new cases reported on 4 January (latest figures).