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There is still time to complete Census 2021

A person using a laptop to complete the census.

Census day was last Sunday (21 March), but it is vital those who have not yet completed their census, do so as soon as possible.

Sunday, 21 March marked the day that millions of people across England and Wales completed key questions about themselves and their households, to ensure local services in every community are informed by the best information possible.

However, for those who have not yet submitted their online or paper questionnaires there is still lots of help available - visit our census information page to find out more

Every household should have received their letter inviting them to take part and there has been a great response so far. If you haven't, or you have misplaced your letter, you can visit the census website and request a new unique access code.

Field officers will soon start calling at households who have not completed their census. They will follow social distancing and COVID-19 safe guidelines, supporting people to take part.

They will be equipped with PPE and will never need to enter anyone’s home. They’ll be operating much like a postal or food delivery visit.

The results from the census will shed light on the needs of different groups and communities, and the inequalities people are experiencing, ensuring the big decisions facing the country following the pandemic and EU exit are based on the best information possible, through the anonymised answers provided.

The ONS will never share personal details and no-one, including government bodies, will be able to identify you in census statistics. Personal census records will be kept secure for 100 years, and only then can future generations view it.

If people do not complete their census, they may have to pay a fine of up to £1,000.

For more information, including myth busters and how to find a local census support centre, visit the census website.