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Residents recycle 536 tonnes of food waste

food waste in caddy

The first month of food waste recycling has been a huge success with Bracknell Forest residents recycling a staggering 536 tonnes of leftover food. That’s roughly two and a half times the weight of the statue of liberty!

Once collected, the food waste is sent to the anaerobic digestion plant where it breaks down, releasing biogas. The gas, rich in methane, is captured and converted into electricity on site, which is fed to the National Grid. The amount of food waste collected so far means that we’ve been able to produce enough energy to power over 21,000 houses for a day, or almost 60 houses for a year.

As well as the large amounts of food waste collected, we have seen a significant decrease in the amount of residual waste collected in the green bins. As a result of the hard work and enthusiasm residents have shown towards the service changes, we’ve been able to prevent more than 330,000kg Co2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) from entering the atmosphere through landfill.

Cllr Mrs Dorothy Hayes MBE, Executive Member for Environment, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled at the way residents have embraced the new food waste service and the tonnage collected shows how needed it was in our borough.

“By separating our recyclable waste more efficiently, we can now see the reduction in weight of the green bin waste.

“Although it’s still early days, this is a great sign and I can’t thank residents enough for all they’re doing to help us recycle better.

“Let’s keep up the good work and remember to be vigilant with everything we throw away, always think ‘can this be put to better use, or can it be recycled?”

If you haven't already, you can start recycling your food waste now and order a set of caddies online.

Read our food waste page for details on how to use the service.