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Pest control measures at Jubilee Gardens

Photo of Jubilee gardens

Jubilee Gardens will be closed for several weeks this summer, while pest control measures are put in place to deal with an increased number of rats observed at this location.

The work, which is required on health and safety grounds, has been arranged by Bracknell Forest Council’s Parks and Countryside service, and will be carefully planned and carried out by specialist pest control contractors.

The park closure is due to start today and will last for several weeks while the rat baiting stations are positioned at key locations in and around the park. During this time, the area will be cordoned off and all children and pets should be kept distanced from all rodent bait points, as the treatments could be harmful if touched or eaten.

Rats are common in both rural and urban areas, but milder winters in recent years are thought to have helped rat populations to thrive. The British Pest Control Association reports that pest patterns have also changed considerably under the various lockdowns introduced in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cllr John Harrison, Executive Member for Culture, Delivery and Public Protection, said:

“We are treating this issue of rats at Jubilee Gardens very seriously and are taking prompt action to control the situation to prevent increasing numbers from causing public health concerns or impacting local businesses.

“We are temporarily closing the park to ensure public safety, and because the treatments are most effective when applied to undisturbed areas.

“After we’ve completed the initial treatments, we will be carrying out some minor vegetation clearance to reduce the opportunity for rodents to find shelter in the area.

“Rats are also attracted by litter and dropped food waste in our streets. To prevent attracting rats to the area, please put your litter in the bins provided, or take it home with you.”