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Update from council leader - 14 July

Time Square leader update

Cllr Paul Bettison, OBE, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, said:

Last weekend, we continued our fight against COVID-19 by placing a mobile pop-in centre near Union Square at The Lexicon. Primarily seen as part of our efforts to encourage take up of the vaccine amongst the youth cohort, we were pleased to see many older residents there to receive their first dose as well. My thanks to all our volunteers and staff members who helped set up the site and deliver vaccines to more residents over the 4 days it was there.

For those looking to book their first or second doses in the days ahead, we do have other options available to you. In line with the Government’s latest guidance for second dose appointments of the COVID-19 vaccine, second doses can now be brought forward from 12 to 8 weeks, meaning our residents can get theirs earlier.

You can find out more information on your options for getting your vaccine, including information about our mobile pop-up unit at The Lexicon.

The guidance changing to eight weeks is to help everyone have the highest possible protection from the Delta variant of the virus at the earliest opportunity, and Bracknell Forest continues to make every effort to make this happen as we head through the summer months.

With the summer holidays on the horizon, The Lexicon has launched a competition for local children to get involved in its summer events activity.

The competition offers children aged 12 and under an exciting opportunity to be part of a forest themed footprints activity trail during August. The winning designs will be displayed in retailer windows, and winners will also receive a £10 gift card from The Lexicon.

It has been an unusual time for everyone, but competitions like this are, hopefully, a sign of happier times to come. If you know somebody with the artistic flair to take part, find out more information at The Lexicon’s website.

And finally, I couldn’t sign off without mentioning the excellent work of Gareth Southgate’s team during the Euros. For those of you who enjoy watching football, I hope the rollercoaster or excitement and tension has given you a much-needed lift and has helped to make things feel a bit more ‘normal’.

Stay safe and enjoy the week ahead.