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Update from council leader - 1 September

Time Square

Cllr Paul Bettison, OBE, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, said:

I hope that everybody had a good Bank Holiday weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t quite believe it’s September already, but a bit of good weather certainly helps, though, this being England, it’s not something we can always rely on.

You might have been one of the people visiting the Bracknell Forest Giants last week and I just want to thank everybody involved in the creation, installation, and entertainment surrounding these amazing creations. I have spoken before about it taking 2,456 hours to create them, and I’m sure that everybody can appreciate why, because the detail and craft behind them is nothing short of incredible.

It was pleasing to see so much positive news coverage about the giants, but it was even nicer to see residents and visitors alike enjoying the festivities and learning more about why trees make up such an important part of Bracknell Forest. After a hectic 18 months, it is wonderful to see big events coming back so successfully to Bracknell Forest.

The Bank Holiday weekend is traditionally the time for large-scale events. You may have gone to Reading Festival at the weekend or any number of large events, and it’s a pleasure to see them back.

Please remember though, that the dangers that caused these events to be delayed are still with us. We continue to live with COVID, albeit with fewer restrictions, and that means we must continue to be courteous to one another and keep Bracknell Forest open.

This means testing – as festival goers to Reading were asked to do – and a continued focus on vaccinating those still awaiting the jab as first priority. You may have seen the ad bike from Bracknell Forest Council reminding residents about this over the weekend.

Additionally, we can continue to be courteous in the space we give to those who need it, be courteous in making sure that we wear masks where necessary and be courteous in making sure we minimise our own risks of catching the virus and passing it on. Now that big events are running, and schools are reopening, our own personal responsibility extends to keeping other people safe too.

Finally, I’d like to wish good luck to everybody competing and helping for the The Lexicon Bracknell Forest Half Marathon this Sunday. Running over 13 miles, even if you have to walk a bit of it, is an amazing feat and, after a one-year absence, I am sure many cannot wait for the race to start. I’m sure many more will cheer them on from the side-lines.

Enjoy a wonderful week ahead and stay safe.