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There is currently an issue which means that some council tax direct debits will be taken out early. Find out more about the council tax issue.

Upgrading our website

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We are currently upgrading our website. As part of this work, we are moving content to our new site, making improvements as we go.

We’ve now made some sections of our site live and available for you to use:

You will start to find yourself on our new site when you use content for these areas.

You can tell you are on our new site by the beta banner.

Beta means that you can use the site and look at it like any other website, but it’s not a finished product yet. You may be re-directed back to our existing website where services have not yet been moved.

Beta services will sometimes be available at the same time as existing ones. When a beta version of a service is running alongside the current version, you can use either.

We need your help to make sure the site works as you would like it to. You can do this on our feedback form by submitting feedback.

This project is taking place using LocalGov Drupal, an open source collaboration between UK councils and Drupal developers.

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