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Simple steps to better health

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Prioritising your health has never been more important and this Self Care Week we’re encouraging you to take simple steps to a healthier life.

This year’s theme is ‘Practise Self Care for Life’, and there are many small changes we can make in our day-to-day lives to improve our long-term health. 

Small changes to improve long-term health

Moving more

Swap out car journeys for a walk or cycle, start your day with a short walk, take the stairs instead of the lift. Making small swaps like this can build your stamina and increase overall fitness.

Getting good sleep

Let your body recharge, for sound physical and mental health.

Eating well 

It is vitally important that we get the nutrients we need and avoid excessive amounts of salt, fat, and sugar. Food gives you energy, which helps to keep you warm. So, try to have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day.

Taking time to relax

We have such busy lives that we sometimes forget to take time out to relax, but it is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. Choose something you find calming and repeat it often to give yourself a break.

More about Self Care Week

Dr Huw Thomas is a GP and the Clinical Chair of NHS Frimley Clinical Commissioning Group, which plans and funds the majority of health services provided to people across East Berkshire, including Bracknell Forest, he said:

“Looking after yourself doesn’t have to be a chore. A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are two of the main contributors to good physical and mental health and they can be enjoyable too. Not only that, many of the things we need to keep us healthy are free, such as going for a walk or a run in the fresh air or getting a good night’s sleep.

“The best thing is that by making these changes, we not only help ourselves in the short term, but we also make a huge difference to our long-term health prospects, by reducing our risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.”

Cllr Dale Birch, Chair of Bracknell Forest Health and Wellbeing Board and Executive Member for Health, said:

“As well as making these small steps to our daily routine, there are local services that can support you with any health concerns you may have.

“People who live or work in Bracknell Forest are entitled to get free support from our weight management service, our stop smoking service and our social prescribing service which can help those feeling lonely and isolated be more social.

"Making positive changes to your health will also help relieve pressure on our health and care services.”

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For more ways to improve your health and wellbeing and to get in touch with our health services, visit our Public Health Portal.