Council tax energy rebate payments

Energy Rebate image

Bracknell Forest Council has today processed 1,746 Energy Rebate payments to residents in bands A to D who applied using our online form.  These will typically show in your bank account on Tuesday 31 May.

We have now paid over 1,900 of the 2,600 applications received up to 18 May.  Excluding any duplicate applications, we have just under 400 applications that did not match the details on our system.  We will be reviewing these applications from next week and residents may be contacted to confirm details provided. In many instances this is due to invalid sort codes being entered on the form. 

Applications received from 19 May will be assessed in the order in which they were submitted.  We have automated the verification process, which means that applications that match the details on our council tax system can now be processed more quickly.  From 6 June we expect to be able to process all matching applications submitted from that date within 5 working days.