New branding for Breakthrough

Breakthrough Supported Employment has recently been rebranded. It is working in a new way which will help to develop more opportunities for people with learning disabilities, autism diagnosis (or both).

Now called Breakthrough Supported Employment and Day Opportunities, it is a supported employment, co-productive service in Bracknell Forest. Breakthrough help people with a learning disability, autism diagnosis (or both) to develop work, life, communication and social skills. The age range of people they support is 18 years old and over, and their goal is to help Breakthroughers into paid or voluntary employment.

The rebranding

logo: Breakthrough Supported Employment and Day Opportunities

The rebrand has consisted of a new logo, colour palette and a redesign of informative materials. As a co-productive service, it was important to give the people Breakthrough support a say in which new designs they thought worked best, and make sure they were a part of the rebranding.

They discussed what Breakthrough meant to them, which colours they liked and what their meaning was, and the different options for the logo. After much consideration, it was decided by the Breakthroughers that the theme for the rebranding should be ‘doors’, as the Breakthrough Supported Employment and Day Opportunities office has an open-door policy for all the people they support. They also open doors for people and help to create opportunities for success.

Breakthroughers had the final say on which logo would be used by voting for their favourite. They felt the design they chose was inclusive and incorporated everyone’s ideas.

Breakthrough projects

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Breakthrough was forced to approach engagement in a different way. Informal online groups, such as art and photography, gaming and film were created, and these emphasised how well individuals participated when they were involved in groups of their interest. As restrictions lifted, Breakthrough decided to keep some of these groups and make them into transferable skills projects.

The current projects they have are:

Breakthrough will always continue to use their platform to raise awareness and push for a better understanding from people, regarding learning disabilities and autism.

You can follow Breakthrough Supported Employment and Day Opportunities on social media by searching for @BreakthroughBFC. It’s an excellent way to see the amazing achievements and talent of the people Breakthrough support.

You can find out more information on our Breakthrough webpages and you can contact the team by:

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