Council moving up UK recycling league table

waste being collected in truck

56% of waste in Bracknell Forest is now being recycled following the successful launch of the food waste recycling service in March 2021.

Thanks to residents, within the first year of the new recycling service, 6,031 tonnes of food waste was collected, that’s 34% above the target set. Combined with the reduction in general waste collections and the increase in local recycling services, Bracknell Forest’s recycling rate has increased by 13% to 56%. This is a monumental achievement, in comparison, in 2020 to 2021 the largest increase recorded by a local authority in England was 5.2%.

The 56% recycling rate could see Bracknell Forest move 100 or more places up the ‘recycling league table’ for English local authorities. For 2020 to 2021 the council was 150th out of 338, but due to the incredible efforts of our local community and waste and recycling teams, this could improve to at least the top 40.

Cllr Mrs Dorothy Hayes MBE, Executive Member for Environment, said:

“The success we have seen over the past year as a result of our waste and recycling changes has been astonishing.

“I’d like to thank my colleagues at the council and our partners Re3 and Suez, but most of all I would like to thank our residents who have adopted the changes with ease and made a real effort to recycle their waste correctly.

“Let’s keep going and continue to set higher standards within the waste and recycling sector.”

As well as an increase in recycling rates, we have seen a 9% reduction in landfill waste as residents continue to donate, reuse and recycle instead of throwing away.

These statistics are celebrated in the Greening Waste Collection Progress Update that was presented to the council’s Executive on Tuesday 21 June 2022. All statistics are pending approval by DEFRA and should be confirmed in the coming weeks.

To find out what happens to your waste and how its processed, visit reduce and recycle.