Islamic New Year 2022

Happy Islamic new year with silhouette mosque

Today marks Al-Hijra, the Islamic New Year and the start of the month of Muharram, which is the first month in the Islamic calendar and one of the most sacred.

The modern Muslim calendar started in the year 622, when the Prophet Muhammad and his followers migrated from his birthplace of Mecca to Medina. The Prophet Muhammad is a central figure in Islam.

The Islamic year is lunar, so all dates are based on a confirmed sighting of the moon nearer the time. Muslims look for the first crescent of the new moon on the 29th day of the existing month. If they don't see it, that month goes on for another day. This pattern means that it is the Islamic year of 1443 that is coming to an end, nearly a full 7 months into the Gregorian calendar year of 2022.

Al-Hijra is a time for reflection, and some Muslims will make New Year's resolutions or observances to mark the occasion.

Muharram is considered one of the four sacred months of the Islamic calendar. It is regarded by Muslims as the second holiest month, after Ramadan. Muharram means 'month of remembrance'. These are solemn and commemorative events rather than joyful celebrations. It is a time of remembrance and mourning, as well as honouring the Prophet Muhammad.

We’d like to wish everyone who will be celebrating a very happy Islamic New Year.