Frimley Health and Care declare critical incident

Stethoscope on keyboard

There is significant ongoing pressure on local National Health Services. So, a critical incident has been declared across the Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System.

There are record numbers of people attending Accident and Emergency (A and E) wards. There are huge numbers calling NHS 111 and using 111 online. There are many also accessing GP services and calling 999. All of this has led to longer waits for patients to receive the care they need.

Because of these pressures, the local health and care system has taken the decision to escalate to a critical incident. This allows them to take additional steps to maintain safe services for patients and help cope with the growing pressures.

Unfortunately, this does mean local organisations may need to reschedule some non-urgent operations. This includes treatments and outpatient appointments. This is to accommodate those patients with the most urgent clinical need.

People should attend appointments unless they are contacted. Those with cancer and urgent operations will continue to be prioritised.

Frimley Health would like to reassure patients and the public that essential services remain open for anyone who needs them. So if you require urgent medical help, please continue to come forward.

The priority is to make sure there are beds available for the most seriously ill patients. This means they will be focusing on safely discharging as many patients as possible. On behalf of Frimley Health, we ask that families and loved ones support this and collect patients as soon as they are ready to be discharged.

The public can help manage these periods of demand by making sure they are seeking help from the most appropriate health services. This means only attending A and E if you are experiencing severe symptoms or suffering from a life-threatening condition.

If you are unwell, visit NHS 111 online for advice about the most appropriate care for your needs. If you need to call NHS 111, be aware that phone lines remain very busy. If you are worried about a child, visit the Frimley Healthier Together site to access expert NHS advice and support. This can help manage a range of common childhood illnesses and help you to recognise when to seek further medical support.

Thank you for your support during this time.