Community analysis for strategic planning

Time Square building in Bracknell

The Council Plan sets out the council’s aims and priorities. It is underpinned by directorate service plans which outline our annual priorities. A new Council Plan will be developed in 2023 following the local elections. During spring there will be engagement events encouraging residents to contribute to the development of the plan. 

The published community analysis report seeks to recognise and understand the current issues impacting residents and businesses in the borough. It will inform the new Council Plan, as well as future strategy and decision making at the council. This will also help to further address local inequalities.

This analysis is not meant to offer solutions to local challenges and opportunities. It aims to help support decision making at the council, along with the wider engagement and co-production activities taking place.

Initial questions arising from the data are included at the end of each section within the report. Some of these questions are already being addressed with service level work.

Please visit the community analysis page to view the full report.