Time to Talk Day 2023

Employees smiling and holding up speech bubbles

Time to Talk Day takes place on the first Thursday in February. The day draws attention to mental health and the importance of reaching out to others.

The day was set up in 2014. The purpose was to help people open up and be honest about mental health. There is often a lot of fear and stigma attached to the topic. This fear and stigma make it hard to open up and get health.

By opening up, the likelihood of the person suffering seeking help increases. This can be crucial to the healing process.

Though less than a decade old, the day seeks to address a centuries old problem. Mistreatment of women with mental health issues was prominent during Victorian times. Though reform of mental facilities was started in the 1880s, it took decades to produce meaningful results.

Sigmund Freud developed many theories around madness in the 1930s. Some experts feel that this was the beginning of experts taking a deeper look at mental health.

Still, it remains a huge societal issue. 9 out of 10 people who experience mental health problems say they face discrimination because of it.

We are committed to tackling these issues as best we can.

If you want to get involved, you can find out more on the Time to Talk Day website.