Win don't bin for Food Waste Action Week

Woman holding leftovers

This week is Food Waste Action Week and the theme this year is ‘Win. Don’t Bin.’, encouraging residents to make the most out of the food they buy before recycling it, helping to save time and money.

The average household in Bracknell Forest throws away 2.4kg of food a week. Almost half of this food is binned before even being prepared. Wasting food is a habit that can be easily broken. By only buying what we need and using up leftovers, we can make sure that we are getting the most out of our food before we recycle it.

Throughout the week, we will be sharing tips on our social media channels, including information on correct food storage to help reduce food waste. Food Waste Action Week organisers, Love Food Hate Waste, are also hosting a quiz to giving entrants the chance to win a Panasonic microwave or one of fifty Hellmann’s Food Hampers. The quiz will give tailored advice to help food go further and save people time and money.

Cllr Mrs Dorothy Hayes MBE, executive member for environment, said:

“Our food waste recycling service has been a fantastic success with over 80% of houses taking part in the borough.

“However, putting the food waste in the recycling caddy should be a last resort. We should be making the most of our ingredients and there is no better time than Food Waste Action Week. Get creative with your meals, freeze leftovers where possible and why not think about composting?

“These are simple steps we can take, let’s pull together and see how much time and money we can save by wasting less food.”

For more information on food waste recycling and reducing waste, visit the reduce and recycle page.