Young Carers Action Day 2023

A bunch of young people in a huddle, all smiling

#YoungCarersActionDay is on Wednesday 15 March 2023

Sometimes it only needs 10 minutes to change a young carer’s life

The Carers Trust recently spoke to a young carer called Mariam about how she’d felt overwhelmed at school because of her demanding caring role at home for her mum. This meant Mariam struggled to get her homework done. As a result, she always felt unprepared, stressed and behind with her schoolwork.

All that changed when a teacher asked the right question. Instead of asking why Mariam hadn’t handed in her homework, they asked if anything that was making it difficult for Mariam to get her work done. That one simple question, and the teacher’s willingness to make time to listen, was what Mariam needed. She explained why she was struggling and the teacher now understood the challenges Mariam faced. The teacher was then able to help Mariam make a plan, prioritise what needed to be done, so she didn’t feel so overwhelmed.

As Mariam says:

“That ten minute conversation changed my life because it helped me understand how important it is to get support, and how just a bit of support can really help me as a young carer to manage everything I need to get done.”

Young Carers Action Day is about raising public awareness of young and young adult carers. This can be the pressures and challenges they face as well as the incredible contribution they make to society

The theme for 2023 is Make Time for Young Carers.

Do you know any Young Carers? Chances are you do. Contact to find out how you can change young people’s lives.

You can find out more about this on the Carers Trust website.