St George's Day 2023

England flag saint george's cross english symbol

We’d like to wish residents a Happy St George’s Day this week. Also known as the Feast of Saint George, it is a celebration of the patron saint day of England. It is celebrated annually on 23 April.

The day was once a national holiday. Indeed, it was once celebrated as widely as Christmas.

Born around AD 280, St George was a Christian martyr and became a soldier in the Roman army. He became a prominent figure in English history due to his courage and bravery. He never actually set foot in England though.

England still adopted him as its patron saint, with 23 April being chosen as it was the anniversary of his death.

Why we celebrate

St George is famous for fighting a dragon. Legend says that St George fought a dragon and saved a princess in the town of Silene. According to this legend, the only well in Silene was guarded by a dragon and each day, residents had to make human sacrifices in order to access the water.

A princess was the next to be sacrificed. On the day she was due to be killed, St George bravely fought the dragon to save her. After St George successfully killed the dragon, the people of Silene were finally granted free access to the well. As a token of their gratitude, they converted to Christianity.

Today, the St George's cross is used frequently at sporting events. Although parades in his honour have decreased over time, it remains a prominent event in the calendar.

Happy St George's Day to everyone celebrating this week.