An update on postal voting

Envelope on black background

We know that residents may be concerned about postal voting.

Postal votes sent first class on Wednesday 19 April

All Bracknell Forest postal votes were sent out first class by Royal Mail on Wednesday 19 April. We have been in discussion with Royal Mail regarding our election dates and they are aware of the importance of getting postal votes to people as quickly as possible. They will treat postal votes as a priority. They have been excellent partners throughout this process.

If you haven't received your postal pack by Thursday 27 April

If you have not received your postal vote pack by Thursday 27 April, contact our team by:

We cannot re-issue any postal votes ‘lost in the post’ before that date due to election rules.

What to do when you get your postal pack

If you are voting by post, it is best that you make your choice and return your ballot paper as quickly as possible.

If you have left it too late to return your vote by post or you are worried it will not get to us in time, there are options.

Other options

You can take your sealed ballot paper to Time Square until 10pm on Thursday 4 May. You can also take your sealed ballot paper to any polling station in the ward you are voting in by 10pm on Thursday 4 May. Ballot papers should not be taken to any other polling station.

Alternatively, you can pay for a courier to return your postal vote to the address on the envelope.  

These remain alternative options. The first response should always be to return by post as soon as possible.