Iconic art to raise awareness of neurodiversity

Umbrellas suspended in the sky in Braccan Walk

Visitors to Bracknell town centre can take in an artistic display of colourful umbrellas. This is to celebrate the strength and abilities of neurodivergent people this May.

The Neurodiversity Umbrella Project raises awareness and understanding of our cognitive and learning differences. It also celebrates the intelligence, talents and employability of everyone.

The council, The Lexicon, the Cambium Partnership, and NHS Frimley ICB, in partnership with the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, have worked together to bring the project to Braccan Walk North, where the umbrellas will be suspended for the next few weeks.  

It is part of a wider education campaign to create social change. It also hopes to improve career paths and life chances for neurodiverse individuals. It is about recognising and harnessing the positive skills and contributions they can bring to a workforce and the wider society.

Cllr Mary Temperton, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, said:

“Recognising the diversity and celebrating the differences of our community is incredibly important. It makes us richer as a society and shows that everyone is welcome and included in Bracknell Forest.

“The umbrella project is a positive celebration of neurodiversity. We have pledged to improve services for children with special educational needs but this will take some time. This artistic display is a visual cue to get more people thinking about all the contributions neurodivergent people make to our community. Thank you to the Cambium Partnership for sponsoring the activity and to the ADHD Foundation for bringing the installation to the borough.”

Daniel King, Managing Director of Countryside Partnerships London West, commented:

“The Cambium Partnership is proud to be contributing to the successful transformation of Bracknell town centre. We are thrilled to support the Neurodiversity Umbrella Project. It is one of many community projects that will make a meaningful difference to local people.”

Emma Weaver, Deputy CEO of the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity said:

"We are so excited for this year's Neurodiversity Umbrella Project installation at The Lexicon in Bracknell. It is a vibrant celebration of neurodiversity. It also highlights the unique strengths that individuals with different minds bring.

“We are proud and grateful to have collaborated closely with the Neurodiversity Network, the NHS, and Bracknell Forest Council. This was all to support children and young people across East Berkshire. We are looking forward to the future and the positive impact this project will have.”

The Neurodiversity Umbrella Project opened at The Lexicon on Thursday, 18 May. It was kindly sponsored by council’s public health team, NHS Frimley ICB and the Cambium Partnership.

Visitors can take a picture and use #umbrellaproject2023 on their social media.

To find out more on how to get involved visit the ADHD foundation website.