Recycle right for Bracknell Forest

food waste bin, blue recycling bin and green refuse bin

Recent statistics show that around a third of items chucked away in green bins could be recycled.  

Therefore, residents across Bracknell Forest are being encouraged to think twice when separating their waste and recycling. 

Recent analysis into waste produced by Bracknell Forest residents has shown the following materials have been put in green bins as rubbish, when they could have been recycled: 

  • 10% paper and card
  • 10% garden waste
  • 7% films and wraps
  • 6% plastics (e.g. pots, tubs and trays)
  • 5% textiles
  • 5% glass
  • 2% tins and cans

Many of these materials can be recycled in kerbside collections or at local recycling sites such as bottle banks, reuse sites or the local re3 recycling centres.

If residents are unsure of how to dispose of a certain item, the Recycle Now recycling locator can help. Simply search the item that needs throwing away and the locator will give the correct way to recycle or dispose of it and suggest the nearest locations to do this.

Damian James, assistant director of contract services, said:

“Recycling is essential for protecting our environment and conserving natural resources.

“Residents can and do use our kerbside collection services to recycle many household items, but there are other ways to recycle.

“We encourage people to look at local recycling points, supermarkets, charity shops, reuse shops and repair cafes before they opt for the green bin.”

For more information about what can and can’t be recycled in kerbside collections and how to reduce waste, visit the bins and recycling pages