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Independent Remuneration Panel

The Independent Remuneration Panel:

  • is made up of 5 people
  • meets on a regular basis to discuss councillors’ allowances

No one on the panel is a councillor or council employee.

What the panel does

The Independent Remuneration Panel reviews the allowances scheme which includes:

  • the councillors’ basic allowance
  • the special responsibility allowance
  • child care and dependant carer allowances
  • travel and subsistence payments and the circumstances under which they are paid
  • co-opted members’ allowances (co-opted members are people who are not councillors but are invited to sit on certain council committees)

The panel bases any recommendations it makes by:

  • looking at a large amount of data to set the scheme within a national and regional context
  • comparing against other local authorities
  • interviewing councillors
  • looking at examples of good practice

The panel also meets individual councillors to discuss how the scheme is working.

The panel may be asked to review allowances for town and parish councillors as well as other reviews such as consideration of the mayoral allowance.

Panel reviews

Bracknell Forest Council has received recommendations from an Independent Remuneration Panel in respect of its scheme for the payment of allowances to Members. This will be considered by Council on 28 February 2018.

The Panel’s recommendations are that:

  • the Basic Allowance, Special Responsibility Allowances, Co-optees’ Allowance, Dependants’ Carers’ Allowance (DCA), Subsistence and Overnight Accommodation Allowances are adjusted for inflation by the nationally agreed pay increase for local government employees and rounded up to the nearest pound (£)
  • out of borough mileage rates continue to be indexed to HMRC AMAP mileage rates
  • the Governance and Audit Committee co-optee is paid an allowance of £291 per year
  • a co-optee member preparing for and attending a Code of Conduct Panel meeting is paid £30.14 for meetings not exceeding 4 hours and £59.10 for meetings over 4 hours
  • the required age of the person providing childcare is amended to “16 or over” and it is clarified that the maximum amount of childcare claimable per approved duty is regardless of the number of dependants a Councillor may have
  • the proposed changes are implemented from 1 April 2018 with the exception of the Co-optees’ Allowances and changes to the DCA which should be from the date Council agrees the changes
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