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Delayed entry when transferring from primary to secondary school

Where a child has had a delayed entry start to school and has not escalated into the age appropriate year group or wishes to repeat a year within their primary school they will need to request a delayed entry into secondary school. In order that such requests (supported by evidence) can be fully considered, the parent will be asked to submit their request together with an application for the normal age group by the deadline. This ensures that if the request is refused, the child’s application for preferred schools will not be disadvantaged and the request can be considered appropriately including the views of the preferred schools either prior to the offer date or after. The parent will be informed of the implications of making such a request.

  • if the request is agreed, their application for the normal age group may be withdrawn before a place is offered and required to apply again the following year group
  • if their request is refused, the parent must decide whether to continue to move the child from year 5 to year 7 or to apply to a different admission authority or to apply for a year 8 place

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