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Advice for staff

If someone comes in seeking a safe place, staff should:

  • stay calm, listen to them and offer reassurance
  • be friendly and smile
  • allow the person to take their time
  • try to understand how they might be feeling
  • communicate clearly
  • take what they are saying seriously
  • support them to liaise with the police if they are anxious about a crime (999 if an emergency or 101 for a non-emergency)
  • call an ambulance on 999 if they need medical assistance
  • ask the person if they would like someone telephoned for them
  • offer them a seat in the front of the premises to recover

The person may need you to phone someone for them to help them or collect them. They may know the number or they may have a card with names and numbers on a Safe Place Card. If not and you have any concerns, please contact:

  • Adult Social Care on 01344 351500 (office hours)
  • Children Social Care on 01344 352020 (office hours)
  • the Emergency Duty Team on 01344 786543 (after hours)
  • the police on 101 (non-emergency) or 999 (emergency)
  • an ambulance on 999