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Value for money

value for money

We will have significantly less to spend over the next 4 years. We will work with other organisations to ensure that everyone who provides services delivers value for money.

What we do ourselves we will do well, but we will stop doing some things that we can no longer afford.

We will focus our resources on prevention and early help, promote self-reliance and empower people to take responsibility for their communities.

We will support and develop our staff, as they make the achievement of all our objectives possible. 

Measures of success

The key measures of success are that:

  • council tax is in the lowest 10% nationally amongst similar authorities
  • the cost, quality and delivery mechanism of all services will be reviewed by 2019
  • we charge appropriately for services and seek opportunities to generate additional income
  • self service and the use of online services has increased
  • community involvement and the use of volunteers in the delivery of council services has increased
  • resident and staff satisfaction levels remain high
  • spending is within budget
  • surplus assets are sold

Performance indicators

The performance indicators are the:

  • percentage of council tax collected
  • percentage of council tax band D being within the lowest 10% of all English unitary authorities
  • value of planned savings achieved
  • annual percentage return for rental income from the property portfolio
  • collection of business rates
  • number of complaints received
  • level of satisfaction with customer services across all channels
  • overall level of residents’ satisfaction with council services
  • percentage of people who feel they can influence decisions in their locality
  • percentage of the population satisfied with the borough as a place to live
  • level of staff satisfaction
  • level of staff sickness absence
  • level of staff turnover