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Parking suspension or dispensation

What is a parking dispensation?

Parking dispensation refers to on-street parking. It allows temporary parking exemptions for on-street restrictions at locations where the need is proven and demonstrated that no alternative arrangements are available or feasible. For example, this might be a removal van requesting permission to park on a yellow line restriction.

It does not allow a general exemption, or for the exemption to continue once the purpose for the dispensation has been fulfilled. For that reason they are time limited.

A dispensation may be issued in respect of:

  • building, maintenance or repair works where close proximity to the site is essential
  • loading or unloading where it is prohibited
  • loading or unloading where waiting restrictions are in effect and where it is necessary to allow longer than normally certified (for example, for furniture removals)
  • other exceptional circumstances where the need for suspension is proven

It is effected by the proper display of a valid temporary certificate issued by the council.

What is a parking suspension?

Parking suspension refers to off-street parking bays. It gives a special exemption from the issue of a penalty charge notice in respect of a contravention of a traffic regulation order.


An administration charge of £50 is payable per vehicle for each suspension or dispensation. This is to cover administrative, operational and other costs.

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