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Computers and internet


Wi-Fi is available for library members bringing their own laptops or devices into the library. If you are a member, you can use the library’s Wi-Fi for free by showing your e+ card or membership card in order to obtain the password.

Public computers

There are computers in all our libraries for public use. Please read our internet use policy before using our computers.

Time limits and charges

Bracknell Forest library members can use the computers free of charge for at least 1 hour a day. There is a charge of £3.60 per half hour for non members.

Please note that subject to availability, users are allowed a maximum of 2 hours per day in total. This can be staggered throughout the day or used in one sitting. A user may begin their session in one Bracknell Forest library and continue it in another. The maximum time is 2 hours per day, not 2 hours per library.

Booking sessions

You can book a computer in advance:

  • in the library - on screen before your current session ends or at the counter
  • from anywhere via our online booking system
  • by calling customer services on 01344 352000 (please have your library membership number to hand)

If you have not booked a computer and you find that all the computers are in use when you arrive at the library, please go to the counter and ask a member of staff to book a session for you on the next available computer.

If you do not do this, current sessions may be extended by the people who are already using the computers and you will have to wait longer for a computer to become available.

If computers are available when you arrive, you can use them until the next booked session begins. The login screen will tell you how long you have until the next booking.

Software available

The internet is available through Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

The software installed on our computers is OpenOffice 3. It includes the following:

  • Writer (text documents; similar to Microsoft Word and WordPerfect)
  • Calc (spreadsheet documents; similar to Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3)
  • Presentation (for electronic slide presentations, similar to Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote)
  • Drawing (vector graphics editor)
  • Database (database management program; similar to Microsoft Access)
  • Formula (for creating mathematical formulae; similar to Microsoft Equation Editor)
  • Templates (existing models that can be used in documents such as labels and business cards)
  • Adobe Reader (for viewing and creating pdfs)
  • Apple QuickTime (multimedia framework)
  • Real Player (allowing the playback of recorded media)
  • Paint.Net (raster graphics editor, allowing the user to paint and edit pictures)

Use of USB storage device

Customers can upload and download files from and onto their own removable USB. USBs are available to buy for £5 at all our libraries.


In order to listen to multimedia, you must have your own headphones. You can buy headphones in all our libraries for £2.

Printing and scanning

Printing costs 20p per A4 sheet for black and white copies and 50p per A4 sheet for colour copies. Scanners are also available in all libraries.

Library catalogue

You can access the library catalogue through the computers in our libraries. It is possible to search, request or renew items from all our libraries.

Online resources

Our online resources page has a variety of links to information such as encyclopaedias and family history sites.

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