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Westmorland Park

Looking through the trees at Westmorland Park

Westmorland Park is an 8-hectare Green Flag awarded park in Warfield. A large variety of recreational activities are catered for through the network of paths, open spaces, play areas and pavilion. Wildlife can be spotted in the balancing pond or at Hayley Green Wood Local Nature Reserve which lies next door.

Hayley Green Wood was once a part of Warfield Park, an extensive estate which was owned by Colonel John Walsh in 1766. The site has seen more recent industrial uses, but during 2002 Hayley Green Wood was incorporated into Westmorland Park. The balancing pond was created in the early 1990s to store excess water during heavy rainfall. It is owned and maintained by Thames Water.

Westmorland Park was established as part of the public open space provision within the Whitegrove housing development and was transferred to the ownership of the council in 1999.


Westmorland park has:

  • a pavilion that is available to hire for activities such as aerobics and Tai Chi
  • 3 tennis courts, several football pitches, a basketball hoop and a baseball diamond
  • a community shelter
  • play areas with equipment suitable for children aged 2 to 14 years
  • a balancing pond that is owned and managed by Thames Water
  • wooden sculptures which includes a sundial and a food chain trail
  • Hayley Green Wood Local Nature Reserve which lies next door

Westmorland Park Lawn Tennis Club

There are 3 tennis courts at Westmorland Park open to members between the hours of 8am and dusk. Our tennis page has more information about the club.

How to get to Westmorland Park

By car

There is free car parking for 40 vehicles, with 2 disabled parking bays at The Pavilion, off Westmorland Drive, Warfield, RG42 3QP.

By foot or bike

There are entrances off Westmorland Drive, Forest Road, County Lane, which is a shared footpath and cycleway. There are 3 entrances that lead directly from housing estates.

By bus or train

The nearest bus stops are located on County Lane (via Westmorland Drive) and Forest Road (via Edmund’s Lane).

The nearest station is in Bracknell, which is about 1.8 miles away.

Park management

The site was established as part of the public open space provision within the Whitegrove Housing Development in 1989 and adopted by the council in 1999.

In 2002 the site was extended by the incorporation of an adjacent area of woodland known as Hayley Green Wood. In 2003 this was designated as a Local Nature Reserve under a Wildspace Grant received from English Nature (now Natural England) / New Opportunities Fund. This amounts to a further 2.1 hectares in area and contains a circular, surfaced path.

Today the site is managed to provide a sustainable, high quality park for the community. It is accessible, safe and enjoyable whilst conserving and enhancing its natural and heritage features. Additionally, it offers facilities for informal and formal recreation.

There is a park management plan in place.


Hayley Green Wood is designated a Local Nature Reserve and Local Wildlife Site for its important wildlife, which includes grass snakes and a wide range of wild flowers such as ox-eye daisy, self heal and foxglove. The site lies on London Clay and is comprised of mixed deciduous woodland such as ash, willow and silver birch.

Park guide

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