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Citizen and customer contact review

The purpose of this review is to identify ways to improve the delivery and cost effectiveness of the customer experience.

We are looking at the balance between what we currently provide and what our residents can do for themselves. This covers all contact channels, including telephone, face to face, post and online.

We are moving to digital channels where possible, promoting opportunities for volunteering and enabling customers and communities to be more self reliant.

Key milestones

The direction of the programme was agreed by councillors in April 2017. Implementation of a range of projects is now underway in order to achieve the anticipated outcomes and savings for 2020 and beyond.

These include:

  • making sure our website is easy to navigate and access relevant information for residents
  • launching a new volunteering website to match volunteers with opportunities
  • communicating with residents by email, sms messaging and online newsletters
  • ensuring that our online payment facilities are offered for all services
  • introducing online appointment booking for services where residents need to communicate face to face with us

You can keep up to date with progress on this review on our news and consultation pages.

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