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Parks and countryside review

We have now completed the ‘Plan’ phase of this review and have been able to further refine our direction for the future of the Parks and Countryside service.

The approach to the review has been extremely positive with a ‘people first’ focus. Between 12 December 2017 and the 23 January 2018, we consulted with residents via an online survey and received over 250 responses. The purpose of the survey was to understand residents’ views about our proposals for the Parks and Countryside service. This has enabled us to make an informed decision on the potential success and impact of the proposals and to form our direction for the future.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support.

You can view the parks and open spaces survey results.

PDF icon Parks and open spaces survey results530.1 KB

Our direction for the future

We will seek to involve residents, businesses and other partners in developing and maintaining the borough’s green spaces - introducing attractive new services to help reduce our reliance on council funding.

We recognises the central importance of our green spaces and wildlife, and that they are key to the health and success of the borough.

We will further enhance the service by:

  • encouraging people to join in volunteer and help us raise money
  • protecting our natural spaces and creating new ones - to match housing and economic growth
  • generating external funding through the planning process for enhancements and ongoing maintenance
  • sensitively developing natural spaces and assets to include new facilities and services to generate long term income

We will do this by:

  • improving access for everyone living and working in Bracknell Forest
  • caring for our natural spaces for the benefit of both people and wildlife
  • generating income to help reduce our costs
  • encouraging healthy outdoor activity for all ages and abilities

A second gateway review was held in March 2018 and councillors supported the following recommendations to be taken forward to the council’s executive on the 8 May:

1. Planning the development of Horseshoe Lake as a Country Park using a modular approach.

2. The investigation and development of a Biomass burner and green waste storage/drying area (dependant on recommendation above).

3. Implementation of income generation schemes including: enhanced filming scheme and sponsorship for the service.

4. Implementation of cost reduction schemes including: new approach to enforcement; licensing; service re-design; reduced maintenance budget and staff re-structuring where required.

5. Service re-design and remodelling to unify responsibility for land management and income generation into a new Natural Estate Service.

If recommendations are approved we will move into the ‘Do’ phase of our transformation cycle. During this phase the main focus will be to further research, validate and implement our proposals.

You can keep up to date with progress on this review on our news and consultation pages.

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