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Arts review

The purpose of this review is to establish a strategy which determines the council’s future contribution to the borough’s arts and culture through South Hill Park Arts Trust.

Key milestones

We have carried out an analysis of how the council and the South Hill Park Arts Trust co-operate and the level of financial support provided by the council. The aims of the review are:

  • to enable the Trust to be less dependent on the council as a whole
  • to strengthen its governance
  • to support it to grow its own income base with the outcome being that, at the very least, there is as much investment in the arts as currently

To help meet these aims the council has invested £190,000 in South Hill Park to make it possible for the Trust to generate sufficient new income to offset the necessary reduction in council funding. The council has also determined that in order to allow the Board at South Hill Park to appoint board members with the right skills, experience and knowledge to best serve the Trust going forward, there is now no requirement for the council to have nomination rights on to the Board. The Trust is in the process of formally changing its constitution.

The Trust is currently implementing these changes to positive effect and once these have become effectively embedded into the Trust’s operation, the next phase would be to establish a 3-year funding agreement between the council and South Hill Park Trust so that both partners can plan ahead with confidence.

You can keep up to date with progress on this review on our news and consultation pages.

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