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Adult social care, health and housing transformation review

The purpose of this review is to transform the way people access social care and to put them more in control of their care. It means changing the way we engage and work with people who need care and changing how we assess and plan their support, how we connect people to services and how we work with health and the voluntary sector.

We are focusing on supporting people to help themselves and get support earlier on, to enable them to live as independently as possible. It also includes the development of alternative, more sustainable and flexible care and support options by working with the voluntary sector.

We are involving people in developing our plans, asking their views and listening to what they have to say to help make our services more person-centred. Last year we held customer voice workshops to hear about people’s experiences of using social care services; we used this feedback to help us shape our new conversations approach to assessing people’s social care needs.

We are working together with partners to seek the right solutions for the wellbeing of people, rather than the easiest option; a key example of this is our work with the voluntary sector to create Bracknell Forest Help Yourself.

Key milestones

Over the past year, we have drastically changed our adult social care services, ensuring the people we support have genuine choice and control over the care they receive.

We now use the ‘conversations approach’ to assess the needs of anyone contacting the social care team for help with something affecting their wellbeing. This means more people receive short-term support sooner.

44% of our social care users now receive support via a direct payment, a payment made by the council to help people manage their own social care needs. This means they are able to choose and manage the care they receive to ensure it works for them, all with the support of our dedicated team to guide them.

We have launched Bracknell Forest Help Yourself, a new website to help people find and connect to support and activities in their communities which help them remain independent and live life their way.

Our new community connectors and social prescribers are now in post and will be helping people connect with local groups to help them overcome the obstacles they are facing.

We’ve been reviewing care packages using our new improved assessment tools to ensure everyone gets the right care package to meet their assessed needs. This is done in a fair and transparent way.

We are proud of the progress made so far and are now focusing on the following priorities:

  • increase the range of community support options available via Bracknell Forest Help Yourself to help people live more independently and more involved in their communities
  • make it even easier for people to arrange and manage their own care by enhancing the support for people directly employing a personal care assistant.
  • develop a wider range of supported living and extra care schemes so more people with learning disabilities are able to live more independently in their own home
  • put joint workforce development plans in place with the NHS to encourage more local people to work in health and care or return to the care sector
  • complete the planning and service design work for the construction of a purpose built nursing and care home facility for people with dementia, frailty and complex health and care needs
  • begin construction of a purpose built supported living complex on Stoney Road, for people with learning disabilities and secure a care provider organisation to run the supported living scheme
  • complete the next stage to join up the council’s children and adult social services into a single management organisation

You can keep up to date with progress on this review on our news and consultation pages.

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