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Adult social care, health and housing transformation review

The purpose of this review is to transform the way people access social care and to put them more in control of their care. It means changing the way we engage and work with people who need care. It means changing how we assess and plan their support, how we connect people to services and how we work with health and the voluntary sector.

It includes an increased focus on self-directed support and early help. It also includes the development of alternative, more sustainable and flexible care and support options.

We will involve citizens in developing our plans, asking their views and listening to what they have to say. This will be about how we can make our services much more person centred and less bureaucratic.

We will work together with citizens and partners to seek the right solutions, rather than the easiest.

Key Milestones 

The key milestones are:

  • new social care resource allocation system implemented – April 2017
  • online care and support market place platform set up – July 2017
  • social care practice review complete and new ways of working defined – May 2017
  • new outcomes based community care provider framework contract in place – August 2017
  • community organisation online map launched – October 2017
  • community development support offer launched – October 2017
  • enhanced community intermediate care and rehabilitation service operational – December 2017
  • increased the number of care home and supported accommodation places available in the borough for people with dementia and learning disabilities – March 2018

We have already carried out:

  • the launch of a shared care record (Connected Care Portal) to support the sharing of information between NHS organisations and local authority social care departments
  • the review and agreement of plans by elected members
  • a series of care practice review workshops involving staff and people who use care services, to identify what things work well and what needs to change
  • the launch of a new resource allocation system and care calculator 
  • the selection of an online market place platform, and work is underway to set this up and promote this to local care provider organisations

Over the next few months we will be working to set up the online care and support market place and introduce the new community care provider contract. We will also put in place some of the changes to ways of working that have been identified through the staff and customer service review workshops.

You can keep up to date with progress on this review on our news and consultation pages.

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