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What do we do?

Types of support

We offer the following types of support for your child:

Multi-professional development

Sometimes children are referred to us because their parents and the professionals who know them have concerns about their development. The multi-professional team take time to look at all aspects of the child's development and will sometimes diagnose a reason for any development delay.

Developmental support groups

We run lots of different groups every week. Most are offered by invitation only, but at least 1 every week is open to any child with special educational needs and their families.

Home learning

We are linked to the National Portage Association and offer home learning to children, where appropriate, to support them in all areas of their development.

Visits into pre-schools and schools

We visit children at their pre-school, day nursery or school and offer advice and support to the staff there.

What else do we do?

We also offer the following:

  • National Autism Society parent workshops
  • events for Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators (SENCOs) from schools and pre-schools
  • school holiday events for children referred to us

Contact Information

​Child Development Centre